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William Brown Poetry


About Me

Hey there. I'm William Brown, a poet who grew up a competitive tennis player in rural Georgia. In my poems you can expect to find me tackling with different forms of mundane rurality, such as cows, Marlboros, and surgery scars, often juxtaposed with "larger" themes, a personal favorite being space. Similar to my photograph above, I like to create friction by stacking unexpected things together and see if anything sparks, blurring the lines of surface layers.
Aside from poetry, my interests include anime and manga, video games (currently Bravely Default 2; always playing Smite), cooking, and looking at things through my tiny microscope I received via fellowship from Patrick Rosal.


Selected Poetry Publications

  • 5 Poems Tupelo Quarterly (April 2023)

  • "Getting an Airbnb in Saigon" North Dakota Quarterly (October 2022)

  • "McDonald's AubadeThe Minnesota Review (May 2022)

  • "Braiding" (nominated for a Pushcart Prize) Perhappened (January 2022)

  • "Late SpringThe Hopkins Review (Fall 2021)

  • "The Ponte Delle Torri, SpoletoThe Madison Review (Summer 2021)

  • "Erosion ControlAmerican Journal of Poetry (Winter 2021)

  • "Biting the HookColumbia Journal (Fall 2020)

  • "Sea GlassFreshwater Review (Spring 2020)

  • "Ode to the Taco Bell Drive-Through WorkerTaco Bell Quarterly (Summer 2019)

  • "Ode to My HerniaCopper Nickel (Spring 2019)

  • "My Mother's BonesCrab Creek Review (Spring 2019)

  • "Monarchs" & "Between Carrollton and Lubbock" McNeese Review (December 2018)

  • "Drought of '04" Georgia's Best Emerging Poets (January 2017)

  • "Rat Chapels" and "Dinosaur Bedsheets" Glass Mountain Volume 18 (Spring 2016)

  • "New Year's 'Fuck You' Parade" & "The Matryoshka Doll" Eclectic (April 2016)

Contact Information

Thank you for checking out my website. For any inquiries, please feel free to contact me, and enjoy this self-portrait of myself from when I was three. As you can see, I haven't changed much.

(Will provide CV upon request)

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